Laser Plane Trainer Swing Corrector

If you've ever spoken to a pro or had golf lessons, you'll know just how crucial it is that your golf swing is "on plane". 

By simply placing one of our alignment sticks (Available separately) on the ground or driving-range mat, the Laser Plane Trainer will instantly show you whether you're swing is over or under plane and you will very quickly pick up the feel of that on plane swing. 

Simply attach to the bottom of your golf club and switch on. The Laser Plane Trainer will give you 3 reference points during a full swing to see if you're on plane. The backswing, the downswing and the follow through. 

 This training aid also includes a BUTTON PROTECTOR that clips onto the product to prevent the laser turning on whilst in your packet/bag when not being used and draining the batteries. 

Easily attaches to almost any golf club. 

Suitable for right and left handed golfers. 

Suitable for men, women and children of all ages.

 Ultra compact size and lightweight sleek design.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Free Worldwide Shipping

Top Quality Product

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