About Us

Hi, I'm Tom, Founder and Club Captain of Mulligan Club!

Launched at the start of 2023, Mulligan Club aims to bring you the best training aids and accessories , all in one place!

Like many people I took up playing golf again during the Covid Pandemic, I was getting frustrated that i couldn't match the levels I used to play to as a junior over 10 years prior!

I knew i needed some bits to fix my game and update the look of my clubs and set up, and, after seeing an advert here for one thing, and having to go and search for something I needed somewhere else it dawned on me... "why not just have all these in one place?"

And so Mulligan Club was born!

We've done the leg work so you don't have to, collating the best training aids, accessories and golf gear on the market from a global network of trusted partners.

My game is slowly improving, however, the social side of golf has emerged and there's nothing better than having a few cans on the course, surrounded by your mates, all having a hack!

So join us in our mission to look the best on the course while playing bang average!

Because everyone loves a Mulligan!

Putts & Love

Fore!! Right